Long-Term Storage For Your Valuables

Long-Term Storage For Your Valuables

How It Works

How It Works

Protect Your Valuables with Intercept Technology™

Encase protects and preserves your assets by using a proven material called Intercept Technology™. Intercept combines a uniquely formulated reactive copper bound into a plastic or foil to have long-lasting, contamination free protection for almost everything. Your valuables can be stored in either above-ground or underground conditions for up to 25 years with the peace of mind that when opened, your valuables will be in the same condition as the day you closed the bag.

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Industry's Highest (71dB) Shielding

Advanced protective technology for your Electronics

Composed of a 6-layer, 6-mil thickness, this Faraday Cage utilizes 4-functions that block the passage of electromagnetic fields (EMF):

  1. A pathway for electrical charges to flow through the membrane to the conductive layer.
  2. A pathway for free organic ions to flow through the membrane to be absorbed by the carbon.
  3. A pathway for free inorganic ions to react with and be neutralized by the Copper of the membrane
  4. A metallized polyester to provide EMI and ESD shielding and moisture barrier protection.



It comes down to
great chemistry

Intercept has not only been trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, but is also actively used by military organizations as well as NASA, where it has flown on the Space Shuttle and is used on the International Space Station today.


Intercept Technology™

Why Intercept works better

Intercept protects your assets above-ground and underground. Testing confirms that Intercept provides an excellent reactive barrier to solvents, chemicals, and acids that are found in soil and ground conditions.  Generic protective methods are severely impacted by these chemicals: degrading and allowing in the corrosive elements which begin to attack your ammunition, guns, generators, equipment, food, etc.  These chemicals are no match for Intercept as the imbedded copper in the plastic reacts with and neutralizes corrosive elements, keeping items inside safe and protected.


Above Ground or Underground

Encase Protects Above Ground or Underground

Rust or corrosion occurs when items are exposed to corrosive elements and other atmospheric conditions. It also occurs underground even without the presence of an atmosphere due to soil pH (acidity), chemicals, fertilizers, etc.


odorless product

Odor Protection

Intercept is a patented, specialized material that is a completely odorless product.  In addition, it also traps and eliminates any odors emitted from inside the bag.  This is important because many animals have an extremely keen sense of smell – they are able to detect smells even when covered or buried using common existing methods.  Testing has shown that animals are not able to detect food when packaging correctly using Encase’s Intercept plastic packaging material.


Insect protection

Protection From Termites, Fire Ants, and other insects

Intercept has been tested and passed EPA requirements for being an effective chemical-free termite, fire ant, and other insect barrier material.

The additional anti-ESD (electrostatic discharge) properties of Intercept interfere with the ability of insects to communicate with each other and operate in close proximity to the material. Unlike other materials that rely on chemicals and additives for insect repellent that may be hazardous to health and impact packaging longevity, Intercept relies purely on the chemistry of the bag and uses no chemicals.

Chemical Free

Intercept Technology™ uses a proven copper-based technology that when exposed to air, reacts with all corrosive gases and prevents those gases from affecting any materials stored inside its protective barrier.

Weather Independent

Intercept was tested by the US Army and was shown to be effective in extreme temperatures ranging from -42°F to 165°F. A desiccant will be placed in each packaging KIT to eliminate humidity.


Mold and mildew cannot grow in the presence of copper. Testing in hospital and laboratory settings have confirmed that Intercept operates as a highly effective anti-microbial packaging material.

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