Encase Preservation Kit

18" x 48" Kit


Intercept Technology™ uses a proven copper-based technology that when exposed to air, reacts with all corrosive gases and prevents those gases from affecting any materials stored inside its protective barrier.


The 18” x 48” Encase Preservation Kit is the perfect size for long dimensional belongings such as rifles, survival equipment, and more. The first dimension of this flat bag kit (18”) indicates the size of the opening of the bag; The second dimension (48”) indicates the bag depth.

Each Encase Kit ships as a set of two distinct bags: the inner RIBS-MVTR foil bag that provides an Anti-Electrostatic Discharge shield around your belongings, as well as providing industry-leading anti-corrosion & anti-rust, anti-mold, and anti-mildew protection for up to 25 years under almost any storage condition above-ground or under-ground. This foil bag should be sealed and placed inside the sleeve of the second bag in your kit: the outer Intercept bag. This outer bag is scientifically formulated to provide even tougher anti-corrosion protection and shield the inner RIBS-MVTR foil bag from even the harshest of UV & environmental impacts. Additionally, each kit ships with desiccant and a unit of our Ci anti-corrosion foam for added protection.

We recommend sealing the bag using an impulse-heat sealer for best results. The bags can also be closed using an aggressive tape (not basic packing tape or Scotch-style tapes!). Both products are available for rent or sale in our store.

Details about the products and how to use them can be downloaded on our website from the Installation Instructions & Procedure, and Specification Sheet section.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 1 in


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Encase Preservation Kit


Encase Preservation Kit


Encase Preservation Kit



Encase is not liable for any injuries caused by the improper handling of the sealer.

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